Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

1. We are downloading original source file of the movies and we translated and encoded with our own credit on the movies.

2. Please do not do following description.
   * Directly Uploading in the another Pages (website, Facebook page, e.t.c) without credit to DC.
   * Don't ripping srt from the movies if they don't encode.
   * Please be surely read the reviews of the movies (size, quality and format). Cause we don't want to download the wrong files.

3. Names, Logo, Watermarks and Encoded Movies are belonged to Dream Channel. Any usage of Names, Logo, Watermarks and Encoded Movies for business aren't allowed.

4. We can't upload movies to the facebook directly casue of Movies Copy Righted problems. If austere copyright laws will specify, admin acc of facebook and page are permanently disabled. So, please, do not make a request of direct upload video to the facebook

5. Request for movies at Facebook page and Website, using with a Contact Menu on the menu bar. Please be sure you have an email for requesting movies on the web. Requesting on Website is more emphatic than requesting on Facebook Page. Cause you request on the website with your mail. It will directly appear at the admin email box and we are usually reading the mails every hours. We can't see the message on the facebook pages cause of too much messages. If you want to contact and request for Movies, please contact the given mail " vestile.jr@gmail.com ".

6. If our site and page will popular, we have an idea on the site as long as you like on the facebook page, we will draw lots of phone bill everyweeks and we have a plan for real supporters, that is we'll make a member login form on the site and you can freely sign up in those forms. If you filled up with form, you can be a real members of our site and you can request the movies, you can directly talk with admins or moderators. We are more preferential to Real members than others.

7. Not only our pages upload movies, but also upload musics , lyrics video and mtvs.

8. If there will any problems. E.g, Movies Problem, Argue with admins or moderators, Page problems and Website problems, you can come out with the problems by contacting "vestile.jr@gmail.com". We will solute your disappointment as soon as you contacted. "Your satisfaction is our pleasure"

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